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I am a trauma recovery specialist with a heart for trauma survivors. I am the owner of Back From the Brink Productions and my gift is guiding and supporting survivors of sexual trauma or the trauma of serious illness back from the brink of devastation into love, prosperity, freedom and grace.

Deborah Roberts…

Deborah Roberts is a mystic warrior and a bit of a renaissance woman, who carries a very high unconditional love vibration. She is a strong, peaceful, powerful, compassionate woman, with a deep commitment to truth, clarity and authentic empowerment.

Deborah practices the art of Vibrational Healing, sometimes referred to as subtle energy medicine. Vibrational healing seeks to reunite the personality with Spirit or our truest nature. It is not new. Many disciplines such as Oriental medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Homeopathy, the Biblical laying on of hands or healing through the Holy Spirit or prayer acknowledge the energetic nature of body/mind/spirit.

All of the universe and the beings in it are connected by a vibratory grid. The energy lines that make-up this universal grid system are called Axiatonal lines. Our relationship to our Divinity and to the Divine is affected by our personal connection/alignment to the entire Axiatonal grid.

To learn more about Vibrational Healing and more about Deborah Roberts, please Click Here.


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