Free – A Way to “Be”


Free to feel angry, happy or sad
Free to express to laugh to dance or just to go mad
Free to discover to stir to take things out
To giggle with laughter, to weep or to shout
Or if I’m a mind to
To just sit and pout

Free to discover every inch of me
Free to revel in each discovery
Free to laugh
Free to breathe a heavy sigh
Free to languish in looking into my own eyes
To notice what is beautiful about me
To notice what I don’t want others to see

Free to wonder, free to despair
Free to be here and free to be there
Freedom is not a place to go
Like success – it is not a destiny
It is a way to be

A way to be inside

A place where one feels no need to hide
It is a ‘state of being’ deep within the soul
A place many never come to know
For they think outside themselves
A result of material gain
A lack of children or spouse
An absence of pain
Or an assurance that one is sane.

But how fleeting
How temporary freedom would be if it depended on an accumulation of things
or an absence of responsibility

Thank God I’ve discovered
Freedom is a state inside me
It’s simply a way to ‘be’

And only I can set myself – free.

Deborah Roberts, copyright 1991

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