About Deborah

I am a mystic warrior and a bit of a renaissance woman who carries a very high unconditional love vibration. I am a strong, peaceful, powerful, compassionate woman, with a deep commitment to truth, clarity and authentic empowerment.

My background is quite diverse.  I am formerly a licensed counselor, ordained minister, life coach, kundalini yoga teacher, and vibrational healer. I began actively studying the field of human technology and personal growth in 1978 with Lou Tice and The Pacific Institute. Actually, my father used to listen to Earl Nightingale’s Think and Grow Rich on albums when I was quite young. A point I attribute to my thirst for deeper understanding of people and their ability to create what they desire.

In 1981, in Lubbock, TX, immediately following a major surgery, I put together a band that became quite successful, while still fulfilling the role of mother, wife, aerobics instructor and working full time in a family owned business. In March 1982, I completed my VFR rated pilot’s license and was continuing my studies in personal growth/ human potential, as well as returning to college.

In 1985 I and my family moved to Austin, TX and by ’86 my journey began to take a different turn. A profoundly abusive background, which had secretly plagued me for years, began to become quite intrusive. Immersing myself in therapy, personal growth work and meditation, I continued to balance many roles, but there was a deep sense my life was about to change dramatically.

A sudden separation (in my marriage) in 1988 became a landmark for accelerating my journey, as well as for it taking on an even deeper, intensely spiritual nature. I was by now trained as an image consultant and beginning a career in corporate consulting, in which I taught accelerating productivity while bringing Spirit into the workplace. But following my divorce, in ’89, largely due to grief, shock and trauma, I became quite ill. This illness resulted in five years of being sick and disabled during which time I experienced several lengthy visitations or encounters with spiritual presences such as Babaji, Christ, angelic beings and other beings from the light realms. Eventually through Ayurvedic Medicine, I, with the help of Spirit, healed myself.

Since that time, I have spoken around the country on the subject of transcending the “dark night of the soul” through connecting to God and choosing Love. I authored and self-published a book of poetry and prose reflecting my journey from darkness to light. I wrote, co-designed and co-produced an internationally distributed self-help audio tape entitled “I AM WORTHY”.

And finally, I have over 30,000 hours working in a consulting/counseling, mediation capacity with groups and individuals in a variety of settings, as well as teaching meditation, spiritual principles of prosperity, and/or yoga to groups and individuals.

I now combine my knowledge of body, mind and spirit to teach and support others in moving into union and wholeness. I am told my story is remarkable and that it inspires and uplifts others, supporting them into being clear about their own Truth and stepping into authentic empowerment, which leads to ultimate freedom.


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