Deborah does varying kinds of personal intensives – Both healing/recovery personal intensives and spiritual retreat personal intensives as well as groups.

Deborah is available for speaking engagements and individual and group consultations.

Deborah provides personal yoga instruction.

Axiatonal Grid Connection

We are beings of light. Come activate your light at a profound level and “be” the lighthouse!

All of the universe and the beings in it are connected by a vibratory grid. The energy lines that make-up this universal grid system are called axiatonal lines. Our relationship to our Divinity and to the Divine is affected by our personal connection/alignment to the entire axiatonal grid. We are connected to the grid system at the time of birth, however, through experiences in our life and the belief in separation we become disconnected from this Higher Source of wisdom, light and power.

Transmission and reconnection of a very high, intense light is what occurs during the session. Through axiatonal grid realignment reconnection to this grid occurs, thus activating cell level memory of your truest nature allowing for transformation on both the subtle and the gross levels.

In simple terms, this work realigns you with your truest nature causing you to “re-member” and begin to live from the place of no separation.

Vibrational Healing

There is a whole field now called Vibrational Medicine or sometimes referred to as subtle energy medicine. The scientific principles of physics teach us that all matter vibrates to a precise frequency. The frequency to which you vibrate is unique to you. No one else vibrates at that exact frequency.

Vibrational medicine seeks to reunite the personality with Spirit or our truest nature. It is not new. Many disciplines such as Oriental medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Homeopathy, the biblical laying on of hands or healing through the Holy Spirit or prayer acknowledge the energetic nature of body/mind/spirit.

As a result of hurts, shocks, traumas and fears brought about through life experiences, we many times experience imbalance in our life on multiple levels. Vibrational healing restores vibrational resonance.

Deborah holds the space and facilitates the restoration of resonance to one’s vibration of pure essence, which is your Divine nature.


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