What I Do

No matter what happens in our lives, WE CAN STILL CHOOSE LOVE!

What does it mean to be a life coach?

There are several ways to approach life coaching, For many people life coaching is about learning to set goals, future forecasts, etc., but for me it is about holding the space for people to get clear and identify their Truth. During a prolonged illness, I became clear, it is not about what I do, but who I become.
Once there is that understanding, deep transformation can occur.

We are creating in each and every moment either consciously or unconsciously. In this work, you will learn about Personal Responsibility and how you are participating in creating whatever is occurring in your life, as well as developing the awareness and tools to consciously create. We will use a broad range of
tools from many disciplines uniting mind, body and spirit.

Once a person becomes clear about their Truth and their True Nature they have the option to live out of that Truth, thus becoming Authentically Empowered.

What does it mean to be a spiritual director?

This also for me is about truth, clarity and authentic empowerment, which holds the potential to lead to ultimate freedom. I teach spiritual principals and practices, as well as encourage and hold the space for persons to enter the Deep heart and make a connection with the Divine and to remember their truest
nature, which is unified with spirit.

It is so important to remember and rest in our True Identity. We are divine and our path is to remember this and live out of that place regardless of how life is shown to us.


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